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Modern Bedroom

Designs as Unique as You are...

Our Ethos.

We believe that your living or working space should be a true reflection of your individuality and personal style. Our dedicated team of highly skilled architects goes above and beyond to understand you and your lifestyle, enabling us to deliver designs that are distinctive, inspiring, and an authentic reflection of your identity. Whether it's a residential project or a commercial space, we are committed to infusing your individuality into the design, resulting in visually captivating and highly functional spaces.


Our ultimate goal is to create environments that narrate your story, evoke emotions, and provide a thriving atmosphere. Welcome to Shreshta, where your vision becomes a remarkable reality.

The Team

At the heart of Shreshta Spaces, you will find the dynamic father-daughter duo, Mr. Ramachandra Menon (fondly known as 'Edavattom Babu') and Ms. Varada R Menon.


With an impressive career spanning over 50 years in the field of architecture, Mr. Menon is widely regarded for his expertise in Vaastu principles and meticulous attention to detail. His remarkable portfolio boasts over a thousand Hindu temple architecture designs and numerous residential architectural designs in India and abroad, showcasing his unparalleled craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. His deep-rooted understanding of Vaastu principles allows him to create spaces that harmoniously blend architectural aesthetics with positive energy flow.

Varada, on the other hand, represents the fresh perspective and creativity of the younger generation. Armed with a design-oriented mindset and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, she infuses a contemporary touch into our projects. Her unique approach blends modern trends with timeless design principles, resulting in spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Together, as a team, Mr. Menon and Ms. Varada embody the perfect balance of experience and innovation. Their collaboration fuels our firm's dedication to creating personalized, distinctive, and thoughtfully crafted spaces that truly elevate the human experience.


We are committed to delivering exceptional design solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our passion for creating spaces that inspire, enrich, and exceed expectations.

Architectural Designing

Welcome to the realm where architectural design transcends ordinary structures. Our team of experienced architects harmonize artistic vision with technical prowess, crafting exceptional designs that blend function and aesthetics seamlessly. From conceptualization to construction, we tailor our architectural designs to enrich the built environment, optimize space, and breathe life into your vision.

Designer Chairs
Interior Designing

Step into a world where interiors hold the transformative power to captivate and invite. Our interior design services harmoniously blend style, functionality, and personal taste, meticulously attending to every detail. With a focus on comfort, innovation, and visual allure, we craft spaces that embody your unique style and aspirations.

Image by Jose Luis Sanchez Pereyra
Vaastu Consultation

Unlock the transformative power of Vaastu principles on space's energy and harmony with our holistic consultation services. Blending ancient wisdom with contemporary architectural practices, we guide you to align your environment with positive energy flows. From new constructions to renovations, our Vaastu expertise optimizes energy flow, fostering tranquility and prosperity in spaces that nurture well-being.

Connect With Us

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